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Get your property listed with us today. Join our reliable network of vendors. We have many clients who are in search of properties to buy or rent, or businesses to purchase. Chestertons Antigua and Barbuda will provide an international platform to showcase your property and get you where you need to be. Please fill in the form below with your details and we will be in touch with you shortly to confirm requirements.

Real Estate


We have an excellent selection of sales and rental properties to suit most needs and budgets, We will work with other property owners and managers to find a property that will provide what you need to purchase a property or to have a wonderful vacation in Antigua.

Property Management


Need someone to manage your property while you are away or occupied? Chestertons Antigua Property Management is here to take care of your home in Antigua and to make sure it is always ready to welcome guests, at any time. We offer a bespoke property management service that includes maintenance of the building through inspections, staff management, online promotion and accounts handling. Our systems are stringently reviewed and overseen constantly to ensure professionalism, transparency and value for money at every stage. Clear communication and quality management services are the foundation of what we strive to deliver. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Property Appraisals


Need a valuation of your land or building? Our team is equipped with real estate specialists to evaluate the merits of your property and provide an estimate of its price in the current market. Book a market appraisal today

Development Consultancy


Want to build a new home or invest in high-end property development? Chestertons Antigua can provide building consultancy services to house builders, investors and property companies at each stage of the development process. From ground up, we will support you so that your construction project is managed effectively with regards to time and resources, and the result is a viable property that reflects your guidelines.

Concierge Services


Chestertons Antigua and Barbuda helps you to connect with the lifestyle you desire. Through our connections with high-end restaurants, tours, event planners and properties, our team will ensure that you travel in style. Our services include:

  • Meet and Greet
  • Country Orientation
  • Luxury Life style Management
  • Travel and local tour coordination
  • Best in local entertainment and dining
  • Procurement of culinary experiences
  • Guards and personal security
  • Access to exclusive events and planning

Interior Design and Refurbishments


Want a home that completely reflects your tastes and feels new? We provide interior design and refurbishment services that will allow your home to be modernized and designed to suit your needs and desires. From design, workflow and furnishings to complete renovation of the exterior and interior, our team will guide the process seamlessly with local and international vendors to provide the space and property of your dreams.

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